Highly Appreciated Assets

Managing Highly Appreciated Assets to Create Philanthropic Capital Markets

When selling highly appreciated assets, owners trying to achieve the elusive goal of avoiding capital gains taxes while maintaining control of the asset often enter into various mechanisms, or form legal entities, that have proven to be inefficient, inflexible, and irrevocable. Traditional instruments formed to facilitate sales of highly appreciated assets such as charitable trusts, insurance trusts, family or community foundations, and donor advised funds, cannot achieve this duality goal and, lack the capacity for capital creation outside the entity itself.

Augmentic Asset Advisors holds an exclusive proprietary business model that amalgamates expertise in highly specialized professions of philanthropy, estate, tax, investment, and commercial banking; all of which performing in a highly regulated environment. We are uniquely qualified to facilitate sales of highly appreciated assets to create capital from the philanthropic capital markets.

By successfully combining business lending and non-profit 501c3 status, Augmentic attained a 501c3 IRS charter that allows for and facilitates sales of highly appreciated assets that simultaneously prevent erosion from capital gains taxes, and deploys fresh capital into one, or more, business entities.

Consequently, these transactions generate new-found capital from two sources: From the restoration of principal, and, from the exclusive, atypical financing we provide to businesses throughout California.

Augmentic accepts various types of assets as contributions. While our public donors generally donate cash in the form of grants or loans, most of our individual and family gifts are from highly appreciated assets such as securities, real estate, business interests, art, personal property, or other assets.

Let us show you how we can augment your highly appreciated assets.

This schematic illustrates our proprietary method facilitating a sale of a highly appreciated listed security: