Giving to Augmentic Asset Advisors: Philanthropy, Augmented

Augmentic Asset Advisors relies on donations, grants and loans from individuals, families, financial, corporate, philanthropic and religious institutions, and government agencies.

Your support means that people can be empowered to improve the lives of family members, employees and neighbors in critical day to day quality of life elements - financial stability, education, nutrition, or simply a roof that doesn't leak. Interested in supporting Augmentic? We partner with corporations, philanthropic organizations, individuals and families along with their planned giving advisors, and government agencies.


At Augmentic, we are proud to count corporations among our supporters. Whether you are a bank eager to make Community Reinvestment Act investments, or another kind of business committed to social responsibility, if your mission aligns with our mission, we are excited to collaborate.

Corporate donors, while national, have a significant impact at the community level. Medici can partner with corporate support to deliver capital and social outcomes to shared target markets:

For example a company that has a dealer or franchisee network and has an opportunity or needs an incentive to open a location in an inner city or urban area. The new store, which may or not be minority owned and operated, may have difficulty obtaining traditional financing given the location and/or loan qualifications for most banks. This organization may be able to facilitate a loan working with the parent company and proposed new store. The result of the relationship between the corporation, potential new store owner/operator, and Augmentic , is the corporation could facilitate a new store, with a qualified owner/operator that may or may not be minority owned, in an inner city or urban area that previously would not be able to accomplish. This is an area where Augmentic and the corporate supporter can truly make a significant, sustainable economic and quality of life impact at the community level.

The example transaction requires compliance within all IRS rules and regulations including those that regulate non-profit 501c (3) organizations that include donor advised funds and arms length transactions, and assumes loan approval subject to underwriting guidelines

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We proudly work with philanthropic and religious institutions, deploying their funds into communities in a critical way, advancing our mission of giving people the financial tools they need to improve their lives. Foundations sharing our mission create the maximum, amplified impact from the organization's investment that is national in perspective yet touches the local community. The net result of course is the advancement made at the local level results in our national interests being met.

Individual, Family and Family Office Planned Giving

Planned giving allows you to meet your needs and the needs of your family while securing the future of families and communities we serve. A planned gift takes into consideration your financial, tax and/or estate plans and allows you to think about ways to support our mission during your lifetime or as part of your legacy.

Augmentic accepts a range of charitable gifts to help you meet your personal financial and philanthropic objectives. There are several different types of planned gifts (often referred to as 'legacy gifts') that can be made with cash, appreciated assets such as securities, real estate, personal property, life insurance, retirement plan assets or other assets. There are also other charitable giving strategies that can provide you with tax, estate, and financial planning advantages.

The examples and information on this page are for illustrative and educational purposes only and should not be considered tax or legal advice. Please consult with your tax or legal advisor before proceeding with your estate or gift planning.


Government agencies at all levels (federal, state and local) can provide financial support to Augmentic to deliver credit to borrowers in underserved communities. Government resources make up a typically small but important source of funding for donor funds like ours as they are typically provided in the form of grants or low-cost loans that allow organizations like ours to leverage these resources, lower our cost of funds and subsequently maintain affordable rates to our borrowers. We are proud to work with national and local government agencies to deploy their resources in ways that deliver on a shared mission of supporting economic resilience and quality of life in our communities.

At the local level, engaged with government agencies on place-based strategies to deliver capital to targeted populations, we address a community need for job creation and sustainable economic growth.

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