Business Lending

Augmentic lends to great people, doing great things, and specializes in helping borrowers who cannot get needed financing from traditional sources.

We Can Make an Impact

Our team believes businesses have the opportunity to make a significant, sustainable impact on the financial and social resilience of our communities. By creating jobs and bringing revenues into the region, along with providing much-needed products and services, we make it possible to get badly needed capital into underserved communities.

Drawing on more than two decades of lending experience, we combine public and private resources to provide flexible financing solutions to businesses.

  • Unsecured with a personal guaranty
  • Not reported to credit rating agencies; does not impede existing traditional lending relationships and will not impede ability to obtain future traditional credit Relationships (Off balance sheet)
  • Below market interest rates and fees
  • Interest only options, no pre-payment penalties
  • Use of proceeds can include:
    • Working Capital
    • Acquisition
    • Expansion
    • Short Term
    • Bridge Financing
    • Real Estate
    • Construction
    • Equipment
    • General Corporate Purposes

Augmentic business loans are tailored to your unique situation, whether you have an existing business, or a plan for a new business. If you share our vision then, we invite you to contact us to discuss how we may be of service.